Business areas

Since in-vitro diagnostic pharmaceutical related products have been newly added to the coating and resin materials that are the products from the foundation, Fujikura Kasei's business areas have been widely expanded even further.

With respect to the Coatings for Plastics Business, coating materials for the plastic materials are the leading products that applied to a wide variety of fields, e.g., automotive components, home appliances, cosmetic containers, agricultural materials, hobby supplies, and others.
For the Architectural Coatings Business, we have been consistently working on the outer wall painting putting emphasis on the residential exterior wall paint, from newly built houses to repainting work (remodeling) since the foundation.

For the Electronics Materials Business, we provide various types of electroconductive resin materials, e.g., paste, adhesive, shield, and other to the electrical and electronic equipment fields under the name of the original brand, "DOTITE".

The Functional Polymers Business/Polymers & Resins Business are those handling the resin materials, and they enter many markets, including adhesives, resins for printer toner, molding material, stationery material, electronic component materials, and others.
Medical Materials are developed from the application of the resin synthetic technology, for which the business development in the medical fields, e.g., in-vitro diagnostic related pharmaceuticals and materials, diagnostic kit, and others is being promoted.
A subsidiary of our company is responsible for the Synthetic Resins Business, and conducts sales activities for synthetic resins raw materials and processed products.

Business areas

Backbone technology

Key technologies of painting related products:

  • Raw materials compounding technology
  • Pigment dispersion technology
  • Paint materials painting and printing technology
  • Coating film drying and curing technology

Those technologies are used not only for creating painting materials concerning the coating film performance, but also for the consideration on how they shall be used and form the coating film. Our technologies support product development concerning the process of the customers who use the painting materials.

Key technologies of resin material products

  • Polymerizing and synthesizing technology that controls chemical composition
  • Particle control technology creating fine powder
  • Composite technology connecting different materials

Technology that not only controls the chemical structure but also adjusts physical shapes, e.g., solvent-based resin solution, aqueous resin solution, powdered solid resin, and others, supports the deployment to various applications.

Global expansion

Under the global expansion of Fujikura Kasei with the coating business at the center, the Fujikura Kasei global network (FGN) is built into the three main companies in the U.S., England, and Japan. We provide products and service with identical quality worldwide, by sharing universal technologies and products, and by responding to the local markets by our subsidiary companies in the communities.

Group company


Management system

Fujikura Kasei has acquired the certifications of global standards of ISO9001 (excluding Medical Project Division), ISO13485 (for Medical Project Division), ISO14001 and OHSAS18001 for the entire company, in order to implement self-discipline for quality, environmental safety, and industrial safety and health as well as to fulfill our social responsibility as a corporate entity by introducing the external point of view.