Electronics Materials

DOTITE is a product made of electroconductive resin material, the industrialization of which was first accomplished in Japan, and its highly sensitive functions continue to evolve into the future as a pioneer in the industry, as well as a frontrunner of electroconductive resin material, and above all else as an accelerating force for the further innovations of electronic components and electronic equipment.


For adhesive

Adhesive type

It can be widely utilized in problem solutions for welding and soldering, and various product groups that are applicable to the respective types of application methods and materials are rolled out.

Cross section of the wiring board

Wiring for printed circuit boards, electrodes, and contact materials

Conductive and contact materials for silver through-holes and silver jumper circuits, and materials for sliding electrodes that have a high market share.


Various paste materials for flexible base material

Various materials of conductive paste, insulation paste, functionality adhesives and others that are optimal to the flexible base materials are provided.

Various conductive and insulation paste materials for touch panels

Various conductive and insulation paste materials for touch panels

Conductive pastes for the respective application method for which fine line printing is available that is applicable to the narrow frame. Various insulation pastes that are applicable to the various types of requests are provided.

Type of drying at room temperature

Type of drying at room temperature

There are many people who imagine this type when they hear the word, "DOTITE". It is so widely popular.

Electromagnetic wave shield type

Electromagnetic wave shield type

Applications for the various paints and application methods, brushing and spraying are available ranging from kHz to GHz bands.