Cross section of the wiring board

Intended use

Our product lineup consists of conductive and contact materials as well as sliding electrode forming materials that can be used in the "silver through-hole substrate," by which a double-sided board can be created at low cost out of the rigid printed wiring or circuit board, the so-called PWB or PCB, or can be used in the "silver jumper substrate" in which a double-layer board can be formed at low cost. Reliability and print-workability are maintained in good balance and we take pride in the high market share due to the adoption performances over many years.


Major Application Model No. Filler Volume Resistivity
Curing Schedule Storage Condition Thinner Features
Through-hole FA-545 Ag 9×10-5 150℃ 30min. Keep Refrigerated A-thinner Good resolution and thermal performance
Through-hole XA-1079TF Ag 2×10-4 150℃ 30min. Keep Refrigerated A-thinner Good cost performance, Standard
VR electrode XA-1083 Ag 2×10-4 180℃ 15min. Keep Refrigerated E-thinner Good abrasion resistance
Electrode/cross-over XC-223 C 3×10-2 150℃ 30min. Keep Refrigerated P-thinner Good scratch resistance

All of the product groups described above conform to the European RoHS regulation.
The numeric values described above are the representative values, and not the specified values.