In-vitro diagnostic pharmaceuticals and research reagents

In-vitro diagnostic pharmaceutical field —latex particles for in-vitro diagnostic pharmaceuticals

We have an assortment of latex particles for in-vitro diagnostic pharmaceuticals in both physical absorption and chemisorption. Any of the particle size ranges from 100 to 300 nm, approximately, and covers the particle sizes that are generally used in diagnostic pharmaceuticals.

Particle properties list

In-vitro diagnostic pharmaceutical field—latex turbidimetric reagents

We conduct development of various types of reagents using the raw material latex developed in-house. These products are widely patronized at the core of OEM product provision regardless of whether domestic and overseas.

Cystatin C reagents(Under Construction)

Research reagents field - Reagents for the various researches

These are utilized in various fields, e.g., in the cultured shrimp diagnosis kit (Shrimple), nuclear receptor diagnosis kit (RCAS series), environmental pollution inspection kit by joint development with a business partner, and others.