Shrimp Virus Detection Kit「Shrimple」

Outbreaks of white spot syndrome (WSS), causing serious mortality to cultured shrimp, have been occurring in the East Asia since 1992. WSS has spread widely, and caused serious damage to shrimp farms in the world. Detection of white spot syndrome virus (WSSV) in shrimps is very important for management of shrimp farms.
EnBio Shrimp Virus Detection kit, named Shrimple, is a lateral flow, one step, and immunoassay for WSSV detection in shrimps. Shrimple is fast and easy. The results are read visually without any instruments. The test system employs unique monoclonal antibodies to selectively identify WSSV in shrimps with a high degree of sensitivity.


  • Cost effective management tool for shrimp culture pond.
  • Monoclonal antibody based detection.
  • All in one. No additional special equipment is required.
  • Results within 20 minutes.
  • Room temperature preservation is possible.






Shrimple Manual


ASIAN Aquaculture MAGAZINE Nov/Dec 2003 p25-27.

How to use

How to use

1. Sampling.

Wash the shrimps that look sick or unhealthy with clean water and prepare the testing sample.
And put them into a micro tube. When cutting off the swimming legs is done by hands, wash your hands well beforehand.

2. Crush the sample.

The number of testing sample required of one microtube is as follows;

Size of shrimp SHRIMPLE for WSSV Required number of
PL7 Whole body 20
PL10 or less Whole body 10
PL20 or less Whole body 5
0.05g or less Whole body 2
0.1g or less Whole body 1
0.5g or less Whole body without head and
2g or less All legs 1
3g or less All swimming legs 1
5g or less Five swimming legs 1
10g or less Three swimming legs 1
20g or less Two swimming legs 1
Over 20g One swimming leg 1

* Adjust sample volume to about 0.1g each 1 test

3. Put 4 drops on round hole of Shrimple

Then settle them for five minutes and take the supernatant with the dropper and make four droppings into the round hole of Shrimple device.

4. Check the red band

The appearance of a red band at the C line of the Shrimple device means it is working properly. When the red band appears at the T line within 15minutes after the dropping,you may assume it means a positive result(WSSV infection). Not appearing means a negative result(no WSSV infection).

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